The Pet Find Project and Dog License Info

Animal Control would like to remind our residents to get your state dog license. Dog licenses are good for 1 year January 1st thru December 31st of each year, any dog over 3 months of age is required to have a license to prove ownership.

Licenses may be obtained through Allegheny County Treasurers Office on-line at:

or mail to:

John K Weinstein Allegheny County Treasurer, 436 Grant Street, Room109, Pgh. PA 15219

Regular fees; male dog, $8.50 - neutered male $6.50 / female $8.50,- spayed $6.50

Persons with disability or senior citizens: male $6.50 - neutered male $4.50 and female $6.50.- neutered female $4.50.

If paying by check, check should be made payable to County Treasurer, (reminder the fine for not having a current license is $300.00)

Animal Control would like to remind the residents that we try to help, but they are required to contact their local communities to advise when they have lost a pet.

County Dispatch maintains two log books; one for pets that go missing, and one for pets that have been found wandering by local residents.

By State Dog Law Animal Control is not required to offer notifications like this one advising whether or not a wayward pet was picked up.

We would like to believe we are all trying to help furball make its way home.

One of the steps in this program is the hope one resident will identify a person that may have dropped off a stray and this resident will notify Animal Control and the local Police Department so the appropriate action may be taken.

Residents may contact Allegheny County Dispatch to contact Animal Control on the Non Emergency phone number 412-279-6911, residents may also contact their local communities using local contact numbers.
Sincerely, Roy Hayward, ACO

Good Morning Everyone for Monday May 22nd 2017, Animal Control has a new guest in house.

This is an older female mini Dachshund found wandering in Dormont Borough near Mt Lebanon. We have not been able to locate an owner and we are asking that anyone that may recognize this old girl to contact Animal Control through County Dispatch on the non emergency number 412 279 6911 and request Animal Control.
Sincerely, Roy Hayward, ACO


- - - - - - - - -

Well Folks it is getting to be that time of year again, Baby Deer Days!

Starting in early May through about mid June the Doe Deer will be giving birth to their Fawns. Females can give birth up to three Fawns and usually they give no thought as to where they preform this task. So as usual Animal Control will be on hand to help move newly born Fawns to little better locations But We Will NOT REMOVE Fawns from the immediate area. These animal are protected by State Game Law.

Animal Control also would like to remind residents if they are seeing Deer on a regular basis in their yards to keep alert for the young being born in or around where the family dog may be out and about to do their business. Due to Coyote activity in every community in the South Hills the female Deer will treat your pet as a Coyote threatening their young and the Doe will go after your Dog.

So before leaving Furball out in the morning check the area first or stay with your pet while they do their business.

Remember when the Fawns are first born their only protection is they have no scent and they use their white dotted coats as camouflage to protect themselves from preditors such as Coyotes. Fawns for the first few days will lay all day in the same spot, until their Mothers return in the evening hours to nurse them. IF a Fawn is found leave it alone, Mommy is not far away and She Can Be a Handful.

Residents that may have question can contact Animal Control through County Dispatch on the non emergency number 412 279 6911 or the Pennsylvania Game Commission at Division Headquarters at 724 238 9523.

Thank You, Roy Hayward, ACO

Non Emergency phone numbers for Animal Control:

Upper St Clair: 412-833-7501
Whitehall: 412-884-1101

For: Baldwin Township, Carnegie, Castle Shannon, Dormont, GreenTree, Heidelberg,Mt Lebanon and Scott Township contact Allegheny County Dispatch to request an Animal Control Officer at: 412-279-6911

South Hills Cooperative Animal Control

Who are we?  As the name implies we are a cooperative animal control agency supplying animal services, for both domestic animals and wildlife, for eight communities located in the South Hills area of Allegheny County. The communities involved with the coop are; Castle Shannon, Dormont, GreenTree, Heidelberg, Mt Lebanon, Scott Township, Upper St Clair, and Whitehall.

Animals that have been found by Animal Control and are currently being housed at the Animal Control's kennel - Clair's Kennel, located in Upper St. Clair. If you see your pet, or you know the owner, Whitehall Residents call the Whitehall Police Department at 412-884-1100. Non-Residents call the County Dispatch at 412-279-6911 and ask for Animal Control. Dispatch will relay your message and Animal Control personnel will get back to you shortly.

Animal Control will generally hold an animal at its kennel for a week to 10 days.