Who We Are

Whitehall seceded from Baldwin Township to become an independent municipality in 1948. At only 3.2 square miles and 15,000 residents, we are a small, close-knit residential community that has achieved some great things.

For example, our library is a Pennsylvania Library Association certified Gold Star Library. In addition, the library was chosen by Library Journal as one of two libraries nationally, as runner up for the 2019 Best Small Library in America recognition.  Our sprawling public municipal complex, which includes a pool, wading pool, tennis courts, and community room, contribute to Whitehall being named one of the two “Most Livable Communities” in Metropolitan Pittsburgh by PHH Technologies Services, a company that advises corporations on employee relocations.

A Home Rule Community

Revised in 1975, the preamble to the Borough’s charter says, “We, the people of the Borough of Whitehall, in order to exercise the right of local self-government to the fullest extent, do hereby ordain and establish this Home Rule Charter.” This philosophy is the foundation for our democratic and community-base government that relies on the involvement of our residents.

We are proud that Whitehall is led by and has regular input from members of our community. We encourage public participation in all open council, board, and commission meetings.

Our Staff: Your Link to the Borough

The Borough employs dedicated staff who are here to help their community members. Visit our staff page to find the right person to talk to about your question, problem, or suggestion.

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