Building An Addition

What is Required to Start Building?

Below are the items you will need to start building a new addition.

  • Zoning Permit Application
  • BIU Construction Permit properly signed by property owner or his/her agent
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Information or the contractors’ Worker’s Compensation Certificate naming Whitehall Borough as the certificate holder
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Permit
  • A survey or plot plan accurately prepared to scale showing the property boundary lines and any easements, the location of all structures existing or proposed including the distances from property lines, all utility locations, and parking and access details
  • Three sets of construction drawings complete with elevations, structural details and materials to be used, and complete floor plans indicating the existing and proposed layout including the use of all areas

Building An Addition FAQ

What are the Regulation for Building Additions?

The building addition must meet yard setbacks and building coverage requirements.

What is the Permit Fee?

The building permit fee is determined by BIU of PA based on the improvement cost of the building addition.  Payment  (checks made out to BIU of PA) is made at the time the permit is issued.

How long will it Take to Get the Permit?

Once zoning compliance is determined by the Borough, an application that complies with building code requirements must be issued in 15 business days.

What Inspections are Required?

The applicant must contact BIU of PA for final inspection of the building addition.  Other inspections are required during construction. Approval of other inspection agencies may also be required, depending on the types of work involved.