At the April 5th Council Meeting there was plenty of discussion about the various parks projects happening in the Borough. Below is a summary of their status:
*Overlook Park – Bids were received for the Overlook Rehabilitation Project in late March. Unfortunately, the low bids were almost $1 Million over budget. Borough Council has asked the Borough Engineer to reduce the scope of the project before rebidding – focusing on the playground, shelter house and stairs. Overlook Park remains closed for 2023.
*Highland Park – Staff has been hosting Sports Summits with local youth sports organizations since the Fall. Based on feedback from Baldwin Whitehall Soccer Association and GBWAA the “Highland Park Field Swap” was designed. A DCNR Grant was submitted, however, after more discussions, this project will be delayed as the Borough will focus on renovating Snyder Park.
*Snyder Park – Borough Council accepted a quote from N & N Landscaping LLC to regrade the baseball field here to get rid of 2 low spots. New infield mix will be imported and storm sewer work will be completed before final restoration takes place.
Borough Staff are planning community meetings for the Fall where residents will have the opportunity to give feedback on potential plans for a large-scale renovation of Snyder Park. Stay tuned for more details!
*Frank Park – The Brentwood Baldwin Whitehall Shade Tree Commission, Public Works and the Borough Engineer are reviewing a request from Baldwin Youth Lacrosse Association to relocate some trees in Frank Park in order to increase youth sport organizations’ ability to use the open green space here.