Commercial Permits/BIU

Business and Land Development

Businesses and land development in Whitehall requires permits and oversight to ensure the benefit and long-term integrity of our community.


In 2001, Borough Council passed Ordinance No. 934 which allows for occupants of rental property within the Borough. 

Owners of rental properties are required to submit a Tenant Notification Form for every unit or property by the last day of January each year, and/or whenever there is a change in tenant occupancy. You must submit a form every year even if there is no change from last year, the tenants are family members of the owners that do not pay rent, or the unit is unoccupied.

The Ordinance provides for enforcement as a summary offense for failure to comply with the stated provisions.


Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU) is a Certified third-party agency with fifty-five (55) years of Building Code review and Inspection services.

Whitehall Borough utilizes BIU for review of proposed plans, approvals and inspections of all Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Residential and Commercial projects.

BIU is also responsible for performing Residential and Commercial Rental Property Inspections pursuant to the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act, the Uniform Construction Code and Borough Ordinances.

Chris Harvey, BIU Building Inspector has been assigned as the Borough’s Building Code Official. He is available by telephone or email for any questions regarding your project.

Electrical Permits & Questions

All Electrical Permits will go through the Code Enforcement Office the same as the Building Permit procedure.  The difference is it will only undergo the review of the Building Code Official. If you have an electrical question, you can phone Mr. Harvey who may direct you to the BIU Electrical Inspector, Mark Stanton.

Contact Information:

Roxanne Dudjak, Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant: 412-884-0505 ext.324

Chris Harvey, Building Code Official:  Phone: 412-526-4278 Email:

Mark Stanton, BIU Electrical Inspector: 412-298-7577

BIU Main Office: 412-766-2565