Emergency Management

In Whitehall, all Borough public safety agencies work together to ensure the necessary plans and programs are in place to lessen the impact of emergencies and disasters, both man-made and natural.

Depending on the type of emergency or disaster, please know that first responders may not be able to immediately reach you. We strongly encourage each household to have enough supplies for each family member to be self-sufficient for at least three days.

Borough public safety agencies will send important information out using the Borough’s emergency notification system – Rave Alerts. Additional information will also be found on the Whitehall Borough Police Department, Whitehall Fire Company, and Whitehall Borough Facebook pages.

If you have questions concerning Whitehall Borough’s Emergency Management Program, please email Chief Jason Gagorik at jgagorik@whitehallboropd.org or call 412.884.1100. 


The Whitehall Borough Police Department maintains a registry of information to be able able to assist persons with special needs who live within our community.  This information is kept confidential and only made available to responding public safety personnel during an emergency situation.  Download the Special Needs Registry From.