The Whitehall Swimming Pool

Our pool sits within the Borough municipal complex on the top of a large hill offering an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. When Herold Bradley, who had designed more than 100 municipal and private pools, saw where the Borough leaders wanted to put the pool he described the location as nothing he’d ever worked with before due to its location. 

The main pool covers 8911 square feet with a 10-foot deep area for diving and lap swimming (during approved hours). There is a separate 832 square foot wading pool for younger children to splash and enjoy time in the water in a safer environment all their own. 

Lifeguards are on duty during pool hours and for private parties.


Whitehall Pool Update:

By now, we believe that most residents are aware that the Whitehall swimming pool as it currently
exists, is no longer functional. That pool was determined to be structurally deficient to the point that
the Borough could no longer operate it safely. As a result, it did not open for the 2021 swim season.
However, a lot has taken place since that determination was made last fall. Council requested the
Borough Engineers to provide several designs for a new pool. Resident input was requested and
received. Ultimately, Council selected a design that they felt incorporated all the features that residents
might like to see in a new pool. They approved the design earlier this spring. Residents can view the
new design in the lobby of the Whitehall Public Library, as well as on signs that will be placed at the pool

Since that time, engineers began the design process along with seeking bids to demolish the existing
pool. Demolition bids were opened on June 29, 2021, with the stated requirement that demolition work
must begin by the end of July and be completed by the end of September.
Council expects the bid documents and specifications to be finished later this year, so that construction
of the new pool can begin as early in 2022 as weather permits. If all goes smoothly, Council expects to
open the new pool in May of 2023.
Any questions about this project will be answered by calling 412-884-0505, or by email at

The pool season runs from the Saturday before Memorial to Labor Day.


There will be no pool pass sales for the 2020 season. 


 Daily admission fee will be $5.00 per person/per session. Those under the age of 3 will be admitted free. Children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult family member. Children 13 & older will require a parent/guardian to establish residency before dropping them off.  Admission will be limited to Whitehall Borough residents only. No Baldwin Township residents or guests will be admitted this summer.  No Babysitter Passes will be sold.  Proof of residency is required for every individual, at every session, every day.  Patrons are encouraged to bring exact change to assist staff with the high volume of cash expected.    $100.00 bills will not be accepted.  Public Works will install a plexiglass shield at check-in to protect staff & patrons.


Whitehall Borough Swimming Pool – Summer 2020

Open/Operation Plan


Occupancy – Based on CDC, PA Department of Health, and AGH County Health Department guidelines, 90 individuals (including staff) can be admitted to the pool area at any one time.  25 individuals are allowed to be in the water (with social distancing) at any one time.   All ages count towards the occupancy limit.  Admission will be based on a first come, first serve basis. As one patron exits the pool complex, then one patron will be admitted.  The same with the water, when one person exits, one person can get in.  Patrons are asked to be respectful of other patrons and their desire to use the pool. 


Entering & Exiting the Pool – All patrons must enter the pool through the front desk area. All patrons must exit the pool by way of the side gate. The back gate is to remain closed and blocked off.


Masks – All patrons entering the pool complex must wear a mask. Children under the age of 3 do not have to wear a mask.

Inside of the Pool –> Face masks are not to be worn while in the water.

Outside of the Pool -> We ask all patrons above the age of 3 to wear face mask when they are out of the pool and not socializing with immediate family members.  Masks are required when using the bathroom and exiting the pool facility.


The following are not available this pool season:

Adult Swim

Lap Swimming

Baby Pool

Private Pool Parties

Ball Playing Area

Showers/Changing Rooms

Boy Scout Testing

Swim Lessons

Chairs/Lounges *

Water Aerobics

Diving Board


*Residents may bring their own chairs to use 


Locker Rooms – The locker rooms will be open only for using the bathroom and washing hands. The changing rooms will remain closed.  The water fountain will be turned off. The mom & tots’ bathroom will be closed per current regulations.   Patrons are encouraged to come dressed in bathing attire.   

Social Distancing – Based on CDC, PA Department of Health and AGH County Health Department guidelines pool patrons are required to remain 6 ft. apart from other patrons unless they are immediate family members. 

Outside of the Pool -> Markers will be placed in the grass, patio and locker room areas indicting a 6 ft. distance. Circles and Squares will be spray painted in the grass to assist patrons with social distancing.

Inside of the Pool -> Lifeguards not in the chairs will monitor the 3 pool zones to remind patrons of the social distancing restriction of 6 ft. Immediate family members are not required to remain 6 ft apart.


Disinfecting – Staff will disinfect all frequently touched/used surfaces and areas. Hand soap and hand sanitizer dispensers will be available for use by patrons. Signage will be posted to remind patrons to wash their hands frequently.  The Pool Area will be cleaned and sanitized daily before opening, from 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM and after close. 


COVID-19 Education – Signage will be posted at front desk, locker rooms and guard office areas.  An audio message will be played over the loudspeakers periodically. 


Respiratory Hygiene – Masks required to enter, socialize outside of pool and exiting are required. Signage explaining how to properly sneeze in your elbow will be posted.


Food & Drink – The snack bar will be closed and there will be no vending machines.  No food is allowed in the pool area.  Patrons are allowed to bring in bottled water and/or sports drinks. 


**All the above procedures, protocols and guidelines are subject to change.


The Pool Staff, Borough Staff, Borough Council and Mayor thank residents in advance for their cooperation and understanding during these difficult times. 


Approved by Borough Council at the June 17, 2020 meeting



There will be no swim lessons for the 2020 season. 


 Effective Monday, July 20, 2020; the pool will open daily from 12:00PM – 6:00PM

(Subject to favorable weather conditions)

1st Shift: 11:30 AM-2:30 PM

Clean: 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM (Pool complex evacuated)

2nd Shift: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

All patrons must exit the pool for the cleaning shift. 


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