Resources for Borough Residents

We have many programs and resources available to help our residents navigate life in Whitehall. From questions about garbage day to taxes to local codes, you will find the answers in this section

MS4 Program

Learn about the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program and it’s the reduction of pollution and other negative impacts from stormwater runoff.

Whitehall Planning, Zoning + Codes

Access Borough codes, permits, applications and forms, and procedures for various construction and home projects.


Answer your questions about local tax codes, tax types, and collections.


Find information on trash and recycling schedules, special collection/disposal events, bulk and electronic waste items, and sewage.

Whitehall Borough Code

Read the Borough’s governing document.

Your Right to Know

As a Borough resident, you may exercise your right to access information regarding the governing of your community.

MS4 Program

Planning, Zoning + Codes



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Whitehall Borough Magazine

Information and Articles about your community.