Reducing the Negative Impacts
of Stormwater Runoff

The Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program is a federal mandate to implement a stormwater management program to reduce pollution and other negative impacts from stormwater runoff.

In 2003, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Agency issued Whitehall Borough an MS4 permit. Part of the requirements tied to the permit are six Minimum Control Measures (MCMs).

Public Education and Outreach – Educate the public on stormwater pollution and prevention.

Public Involvement and Participation – Promote public-participation  environmental events.

Illicit Discharge, Detection and Elimination – Develop, implement, and enforce a program to detect and eliminate stormwater pollution.

Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control – Reduce stormwater pollution from construction sites within the municipality.

Post-Construction Stormwater Management – Encourage activities such as low impact development, a post-construction runoff ordinance, and operation and maintenance of stormwater best management practices.

Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping – Educate and train municipal staff to prevent and reduce stormwater pollution from municipal buildings and operations.

The Resident’s Role in MS4

Just knowing that you play a key role in stormwater management is one step in helping Whitehall continue to meet its regulatory goals. You can do the following to help mitigate the effects of stormwater runoff pollution:

Participate in ALCOSAN’s Pups Pledge  program

Minimize Stormwater Runoff From the Start

Non-structural best practices are various ways that prevent stormwater from becoming a destructive problem in the first place.


MS4 Program


Planning, Zoning + Codes



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Structural best practices are professionally engineered solutions that use both natural systems (e.g. soil and vegetation) and manufactured systems (e.g. water quality filters) to prevent stormwater runoff damage. 

Further Resources

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