Whitehall Committee for Environmental Action


Founded in 2019 as an outgrowth of the Whitehall Wildlife Management Committee, we are a group of Whitehall residents who are dedicated to Thinking globally and acting locallyto improve the quality of our environment

The mission of the Whitehall Committee for Environmental Action is to inform, educate, and support the Whitehall community in its efforts to implement best environmental practices

We are working on several projects described below. Membership is currently open to 

any interested individual. We typically meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, usually by zoom link. To receive an invitation to a meeting, please email the Mayor at


Plastic Film Recycling: The Whitehall Community Lions collect plastic film including grocery, produce, ice, newspaper, dry cleaning and other shopping bags, bread and cereal bags, package wrapping, plastic mailing envelopes with paper labeling removed/cut off, bubble wrap, etc. in the container located at the administrative offices entrance to the Borough Building. When 500 pounds of plastic film have been collected, the Lions receive a Trex park bench made from recycled plastic once per 6 months. Two such benches have already been placed on Borough property

Solar Energy Pilot Project: The Borough is investigating installing solar panels on the salt storage shed on the lower part of the Borough property. If this pilot project is successful, other installations may be considered. 

Stream Cleanup: The WCEA is working with Watersheds of South Pittsburgh and Borough Council to determine the feasibility of a stream cleanup and future restoration of the portion of Saw Mill Run that transects the Borough property. This will be a long term project that is just in its beginning stages

Whitehall Borough Clean-up Day April 23, 2022: Members of WCEA recently spent 

3 hours of their Saturday morning picking up litter and trash along Weyman Road and in several borough parks during this annual Earth Day event. We hope to have you join us next year


Hard plastics, metal, glass, and other items

Michael Brothers 901 Horning Rd. recycles many items from the home environment, including glass, cardboard, plastic containers (#17), aluminum cans and siding

household appliances, junk metal, #1 copper, #1 insulated wire. For a fee they will take construction waste and bulk household items. Drop off only. Dont know what to do with some of your items? Call Michael Brothers at 4128356428

Even better than plastic bag recycling is to reduce their use. By keeping reusable shopping bags in your car, you can use them at many retail locations, not just the grocery store. Forget your cloth bag? Ask for paper bags

Did you know that the one of the best items to recycle is aluminum cans? You can save a whopping 95% of the energy required to make a new aluminum can just by tossing it into the recycle bin

We are glad that you took the time to review our web page. Check back to see periodic updates on the progress of our projects and new ideas for recycling. Feel free to join us at a monthly meeting


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