Whitehall Borough Historical Society


The Whitehall Borough Historical Society was incorporated in June 2022 with the mission to preserve and promote the history and foster knowledge of our Borough.  To accomplish this mission, the Society’s officers, trustees and members engage in research; preserve documents, photos and artifacts; and provide presentations and publications for the benefit of residents, businesses and the general public.  These efforts are planned and executed in coordination with our Library and Recreation Department.

The Society actively seeks photos, documents, publications and memorabilia relevant to the history of our Borough and its residents and businesses.  If you have such items and would like to donate or loan them for future displays and presentations, please contact the Society.  All objects are stored and secured properly.


Individual $10.00; Household $20.00; Business/Organization $50.00;

Please return membership application with a check made out to: Whitehall Borough Historical Society; Mail to John Wotus at P.O. Box 10911, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Any questions or donations to the Historical Society should be directed to Whitehallhistory100@gmail.com

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Whitehall Borough Historical Society 2024 calendars which feature classic photos of Whitehall Borough’s past are now available at the Whitehall Public Library for $5.00.


Whitehall History Facts!

  • Whitehall was formed by succeeding from Baldwin Township. Whitehall Borough was officially formed on January 5, 1948
  • The first Mayor of Whitehall Borough (formally called Burgess) was John Malady
  • The land area of Whitehall is 3.3 square miles.
  • The current Mayor James Nowalk is the longest serving Mayor in Whitehall Borough, serving from 1994-present.
  • Whitehall became a Home Rules Community on January 1, 1975.