Borough News & Announcements

Good Neighbor Award

Do you have an exceptional neighbor?

On Whitehall Community Day (August 10, 2024), the Mayor and the Council of Whitehall Borough will honor individuals who are known to be “good neighbors.” To be eligible for a “Good Neighbor Award,” a person must be nominated, in writing, by his or her neighbor. Nominations should be mailed or dropped off at the Borough Administration Office. The nomination should be addressed Good Neighbor Award, c/o Courtney Wertz, Borough Manager, 100 Borough Park Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15236

Tips to Stay Cool

  • Fan yourself. Fans circulate the air, keeping you feeling cooler even at higher temps.
  • Follow the shade. Spend time in rooms that do not receive direct sunlight.
  • Block the heat. Use window blinds and coverings at the sunniest time of day to reduce heat buildup.
  • Don’t add extra heat. Postpone using heat-producing appliances like clothes dryers, dishwashers and stoves until it is cooler.
  • Cookout, anyone? Consider using outdoor barbecue grills or microwaves instead of stoves or ovens, which can increase indoor heat.

Pool Closing 6/10/24

Due to low attendance and inclement weather, the Whitehall Swimming Pool will be closing at 2:30 PM today, June 10, 2024.