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The State of Pennsylvania recently passed new laws and regulations that heighten the State’s and Landfill industry’s enthusiasm to protecting the environment. This new legislation has come about in several phases-in periods over the past two years.

In January 2013 the final segment will come into Law – banning Electronic Waste (E-Waste) for being disposed of in municipal landfills.

As a result trash haulers will no longer be collecting the banned materials from your residents effective January 1, 2013.

Enclosed are several pieces of educational materials, from statewide industry sources and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) to aid in your community’s response to the new law and regulations.

The state of Pennsylvania has developed many excellent programs throughout the state to gather and process the banned E-Waste.

The State has spent a significant amount of time developing the Web-Site and related materials.

I would encourage you to review the attached documents and visit the Web-Site available and if necessary contact the PA DEP for additional information if necessary.


Local Options for E-waste Recycling

  • Best Buy Stores - for list of acceptable items
  • Staple Stores - for list of acceptable items
  • eLoop LLC, 155 Plum Industrial Court Pittsburgh, PA 15239 - Phone: 724-212-3032
  • Evolution E-Cycling, LLC, 2235 Mary Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 - Phone: 412-787-1616
  • Hi-Tech Recyclers, LLC, 400 Lexington Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 - Phone: 412-731-5805 *NOTE: Does NOT Accept Televisions

Adobe Reader Logo PA's New Law Mandating Recycling of E-waste

Adobe Reader Logo PA's Covered Device Recycling Act

The following information was prepared and distributed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The Borough of Whitehall makes no representations as to the accuracy of the information contained therein.

Download a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document about ACT 13 of 2012

The Unconventional Gas Well Impact Fee

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The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority has created the Clean Water Assistance Fund to help families pay their sewage treatment bills.

This program serves low-income residential customers in the 83 municipalities that ALCOSAN serves.

It is administered by Dollar Energy Fund.

For more information:
Adobe Reader Logo  Download: Clean Water Assistance Fund

Household chemicals can ruin watersheds when rinsed down the drain. Consider using environmentally friendly products that are less toxic.

Download these two fliers with cleaning recipes for around the entire house.

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Adobe Reader Logo Download Flier: The Clean Green Article

The Whitehall Borough Police Department currently has a drug collection unit in the lobby of the police department.

Residents can deposit outdated or unwanted:

  • Prescriptions
  • Prescription patches
  • Prescription medications
  • Prescription ointments
  • Over the counter medications
  • Vitamins
  • Medication samples
  • Medications for pets

NOTE: Items that are not accepted are:

  • hydrogen peroxide
  • inhalers
  • aerosol cans
  • over the counter ointments/lotions or liquids
  • medications from businesses or clinics
  • needles (sharps)
  • thermometers
  • any bloody or infectious waste

The unit was made possible by CVS/pharmacy, the Partnership for Drug Free Kids and the Medicine Abuse Project.

Download Information on Water Conservation and the benefits of installing a Rain Barrel.


Adobe Reader Logo Every Drop Counts: Benefits of Installing a Rain Barrel

Adobe Reader Logo Building a Rain Barrel: As easy as 1-2-3!

Hard to Dispose of Items Drop Off
May 18th and September 21nd - 2019
7AM to 3PM – Public Works Garage

The Borough hosts two “Hard to Dispose of Items Days” each year.  Dates are published in the Borough bulletins.
The events, one in the Spring and one in the Fall, are held at the Public Works Building parking lot located off Route 51 in the Municipal Complex.  The drop offs are for items that are not to be collected curbside. 
The drop offs are for Whitehall residents only and is monitored by Borough employees.


Allegheny County has a Refrigerator-Freezer Recycling Program. They can be reached at 1-888-463-7366. 

*Please note that there is a fee for removal.

Pennsylvania’s Low-Income Home Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP) began accepting applications on November 3rd.

Funds for heating assistance are available but dollars for heating assistance are limited, so apply to LIHEAP early.

To be eligible for the home heating assistance, an individual homeowner or renter must have an income of $17,505 or less.

A family of four qualifies if the household income is $35,775 or less.

To apply, residents will need proof of income, social security numbers, dates of birth for all family members, and a recent heating bill.

For more information, visit or call: 886-857-7095.

Pennsylvania Resouce Council



Your one stop shop for waste reduction resources in Western Pennsylvania

A project of the Pennsylvania Resource Council


  • Household Chemical Collections
  • Pharmaceutical Collections
  • Hard to Recycle Collections
  • Education Workshops

For the latest information and calendar of events, go to the PRC website

Port Authority is now in the process of developing a new transportation blue print for our region due to the recent passage of Act 89. Therefore, it’s important that we obtain feedback from community leaders and various stakeholder groups to ensure they share their vision for the future of public transportation.

Please visit Port Authority’s new community engagement website, Forward Thinking, located at

The site presents a variety of questions on topics including capital projects, barriers to transit use, and accessibility for seniors and riders with disabilities.

Participants can share their thoughts or weigh in on ideas submitted by others.

Below are links to the collection schedules for the Household Chemical and Hard to Recycle (e-waste, tires, etc.) events hosted by the Pennsylvania Resources Council.

Household Chemicals Events Info and Schedule Link


Hard To Recycle Collections Events Info and Schedule Link

Whitehall Banner Community Presentation Photo

Sen. Smith, Rep. Readshaw and Rep. Kortz presented citations to council recognizing Whitehall Borough as a Banner Community.

Whitehall Borough has always taken great pride in the men and women who have served our country in its times of need. Now we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to help us honor your friends and family who have served our great country.

The Military Banner Program salutes our brave men and women who are currently serving and those who have served in the military by creating and displaying a 24” x 36” military banner to be exhibited between Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day for years to come.

Please note that once your banner is installed, the general location of the banner can be found here under the Military Banner Locator App.

Adobe Reader Logo Whitehall Borough Military Banner Application

With the commencement of the new solid waste and recycling collection contract the Borough has with Waste Management, a change in Yard Waste Collection has occurred.

Yard waste is defined as “Leaves, garden residue and tree trimmings, and similar material, including grass clippings; plant material and debris commonly thrown away in the course of maintaining yards and gardens such as branches, brush, flowers, roots and wood waste.

Yard waste does not include loose soils, sod, food waste including from gardens or orchards, food compost, plastics and synthetic fibers, lumber, wood or tree limbs over four (4) inches in diameter, animal excrement, or noxious weeds and soil contaminated with hazardous substances.”

Waste Management will no longer be providing curbside collection for Yard Waste. A dumpster has been placed in the upper lot at the entrance to Prospect Park for residents to discard their Yard Waste for composting. The dumpster will be available to residents from April 1 to October 31.

If you have any questions about yard waste collection, please contact the Borough at 412-884-0505.