There has been much discussion about the Whitehall Borough Swimming Pool Improvement Project.  It is imperative that residents have the most current and accurate information.  Directly from the source, here is where the project officially stands:

The latest construction schedule from the General Contractor recently provided to the Borough now indicates a tentative completion date of July 6, 2023.  The delay in the completion of the project is the responsibility of the General Contractor and its Subcontractors.  Since being informed of the delay, the Borough and its project professionals have requested the contractor to pursue means necessary to improve the date of completion.

While this is not the news that Elected Officials had hoped for, this should not diminish the excitement of the addition of a brand-new state of the art swimming pool to Whitehall Borough.

This project was no small undertaking, and the addition of this amenity should be celebrated by residents.  It was constructed in under 2 years, without significant supply chain delays or material shortages.  It was built and will be maintained without a tax increase – something challenging in the best of times, let alone the strenuous economic conditions of the past few years.  This Swimming Pool will be the crown jewel of Whitehall Borough for generations to come.  Designed with young families in mind, it includes a double flume water slide, climbing wall, spray features in the zero-depth entry and a shaded baby pool.  A separate activity pool will allow for simultaneous adult activities while children can enjoy the new water features.  Current residents will have a modern amenity to enjoy, and it will hopefully attract new residents to choose Whitehall Borough to live and raise their families.

Immediately after the Easter holiday, attorneys from the Surety Company became involved in the project and discussions have been ongoing.  The outcome of this matter will involve an assessment of potential damages and potential litigation.  The Borough Solicitor is handling those matters.

Elected Officials have previously been hesitant to announce an official opening date as a realistic and accurate schedule did not lend them the confidence to publicize one.  Prematurely announcing an opening date only leads to disappointment as legal discussions continue.

Information regarding refunding of pool passes, water aerobics, and swim lessons will be addressed in subsequent information posts on the Borough website, social media accounts and posted in the Borough Building Lobby. Amendments to the Pool Pass pricing structure will be discussed at the June 7, 2023 Council Meeting. Until further decisions can be made, pool pass sales have been suspended.  As always, if there are any questions not answered by this letter or subsequent fliers, please do not hesitate to reach out to Borough Staff at 412-884-0505.