Update on Overlook Park Improvement Project

Borough Council authorized the rebidding of the Overlook Park Improvement Project after the initial low bids were almost $1 Million over budget.  The Project will now be broken into 3 phases.

*Phase I – Replacement of Orchard Hill Steps, installation of new playground, demolition of existing Shelter House and construction of a new Concessions & Restroom Building.

*Phase II – Drainage and Grading work for the Baseball Field, installation of new fencing, backstop, and concrete pad for bleachers.  Trail relocation and paving.

*Phase III – Replacement of Spring Valley Drive Steps and installation of asphalt trail connection.

Phase I is currently out to bid.  Information on the Phase I bid can be found under the “Bid Information” tab of the Website.

Overlook Park remains closed for 2023.