Permits & Forms

FormForm Description
Application for Accessory Structure PermitThis form is required to start building a detached subordinate structure such as a shed, detached garage, freestanding deck, or pavilion.
Application for Construction - Building Permit

This application is required for general construction projects – sidewalk, patios.
Most interior and exterior construction requires a BIU Construction Permit application.

Application for Bulk ContainerThis form is required before placement of any Bulk Container and shall be used only in connection with maintenance, construction and/or moving/relocation activities taking place on the property.
Application for Driveway Expansion

This permit is required for a property owner adding onto an existing driveway.

Please note: If your project includes a retaining wall 4’ (four feet) or higher, please use the BIU application.

Application for Dye Testing

This form is for plumber’s use for testing and inspections as part of the Evidence of Compliance.

Application for Evidence of Compliance

This application is a request for a certification verifying that a dye test was performed, completed and passed by a registered plumber. For closing company use.

Application for Fence PermitThis form is required to erect a fence.
Application for Grading PermitThis form is required for major grading/earth work on a property.
Application for Home Occupation Permit

This form is for a resident operating a limited business from a residential dwelling.

Application for Stormwater Management Plan (Under 500 square feet)
Application for Stormwater Management Plan (500-2,500 square feet)

This form is required for all applications and projects adding impervious (hard) surface.

Application for Street Opening PermitThis application is required for any work on a Borough street.
Application for Zoning Permit

This application is required to ensure compliance with applicable regulations in the Borough Zoning Code.

Application for Subdivision and Land Development Plan

This application is required for submission of a subdivision and/or land development plan.

Residential Property Registration

The form is required to demonstrate compliance of the Borough’s Rental Property Registration.

Application for Zoning Hearing Board

This application is required for appeals of the Borough Zoning Code.

Park Permit Application

All permits issued are subject to the Rules & Regulations of the Borough governing their use.

Room Reservation Form

Application for use of Borough Meeting Rooms.
Right-to-Know Request

As a Borough resident, you may exercise your right to access information regarding the governing of your community.

Military Banner Application

Residents may honor friends and family who have served our great country by participating in the Whitehall Borough Military Banner Program.

Special Needs Registry

This information is kept confidential and only made available to responding public safety personnel during an emergency situation.