Planning, Zoning & Code Enforcement

Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement is responsible for ensuring that current and future housing, land use, transportation, natural resources, and economic development supports the long-term wellbeing of the Borough and its residents. The Department oversees development within the Borough and enforcing compliance with environmental, building, health, and various other codes. 

Scott Dellett, AICP

Scott Dellett, AICP

Director of Planning, Zoning, and Code Enforcement

(412) 884-0505, ext. 522

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 Marc Zeoli

Marc Zeoli

Code Enforcement Officer

(412) 884-0505, ext. 328

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 Roxanne Dudjak

Roxanne Dudjak

Administrative Assistant

(412) 884-0505, ext. 324

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FormForm Description
Application for Accessory Structure PermitThis form is required to start building a detached subordinate structure such as a shed, detached garage, freestanding deck, or pavilion.
Application for Building Permit

This application is required for structural construction projects. (Additions, Decks, Swimming Pools, Solar Panels etc.)
Please note: For general projects such as sidewalks or patios, use the Application for Construction - Building Permit 

Application for Worker's Compensation AffidavitThis form is required if you are doing your project yourself as it takes place of a contractors Insurance Certificate. (Must be notarized)
Application for Bulk ContainerThis form is required before placement of any Bulk Container and shall be used only in connection with maintenance, construction and/or moving/relocation activities taking place on the property.
Application for Driveway Expansion

This permit is required for a property owner adding onto an existing driveway.

Please note: If your project includes a retaining wall 4’ (four feet) or higher, please use the BIU application.

Application for Dye Testing

This form is for plumber’s use for testing and inspections as part of the Evidence of Compliance.

Application for Evidence of Compliance

This application is a request for a certification verifying that a dye test was performed, completed and passed by a registered plumber. For closing company use.

Application for Fence PermitThis form is required to erect a fence.
Application for Grading PermitThis form is required for major grading/earth work on a property.
Application for Home Occupation Permit

This form is for a resident operating a limited business from a residential dwelling.

Application for Stormwater Management Plan (Under 500 square feet)
Application for Stormwater Management Plan (500-2,500 square feet)

This form is required for all applications and projects adding impervious (hard) surface.

Application for Street Opening PermitThis application is required for any work on a Borough street.
Application for Zoning Permit

This application is required to ensure compliance with applicable regulations in the Borough Zoning Code.

Application for Subdivision and Land Development Plan

This application is required for submission of a subdivision and/or land development plan.

Residential Property Registration

The form is required to demonstrate compliance of the Borough’s Rental Property Registration.

Application for Zoning Hearing Board

This application is required for appeals of the Borough Zoning Code.


Most common improvement projects require permits and must meet Borough regulations to be completed in Whitehall. Choose your project from the options below and learn more about the necessary permits, regulations and other information for your particular project.

Code Enforcement Corner

What is Code Enforcement?

Code Enforcement is a process by which the Borough supports the long-term well-being of itself and the residents by enforcing compliance with the Borough Code.

Making a complaint:

If you would like to make a complaint, you can do so by using the Code Enforcement Complain Form (PDF) or call the office to speak with the Code Enforcement Officer. If the Code Enforcement Officer is not available, please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number, description of the complaint and most importantly the address of the property you are complaining about.

Staff works to respond to messages in 1-2 business days.

How does the complaint process work?

Once a complaint has been filed, the Code Enforcement Officer will address the issue by going to the property and performing an inspection.

Common Code Enforcement Complaints and links to Borough Code:

Dumpsters, PODS, and Bagsters:

Dumpsters, PODS and Bagsters for temporary use are allowed in the Borough but must be registered. The registration is free and can be done using the Bulk Container Registration Form (PDF) to be returned by mail or email to the Planning, Zoning and Code office.



-There are no updates at this time.


Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU) is a Certified third-party agency with fifty-five (55) years of Building Code review and Inspection services.

Whitehall Borough utilizes BIU for review of proposed plans, approvals and inspections of all Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Residential and Commercial projects. (The Uniform Construction Code is a systematic body of rules that have been enacted to ensure that all buildings within a certain area maintain the safety and health standards to safeguard the lives of users and their neighbors from hazardous building)

BIU is also responsible for performing Residential and Commercial Rental Property Inspections pursuant to the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act, the Uniform Construction Code and Borough Ordinances. To schedule a Rental Inspection, complete the linked form and mail directly to BIU, 343 Eicher Road, Pittsburgh, Pa 15237 with your payment made payable to BIU of PA.

Chris Harvey, BIU Building Inspector has been assigned as the Borough’s Building Code Official. He is available by telephone or email for any questions regarding your project. You are to contact Mr. Harvey directly as he schedules all inspections himself. Please provide an advanced twenty four (24) hour notice.

Upon submittal of all required Permit Application documents to the Code Enforcement Office, there is a review process. Once it has passed Zoning Approval by Whitehall Borough’s Zoning Officer, Mr. Harvey will then review your building permit plans. This process can take up to a total of fifteen (15) days given the extent of your proposed project and/or if any additional materials are needed. Once the Building Permit has final approval provided by Mr. Harvey, we will contact you with the building permit cost. (Please note BIU can only accept form of payment in check or money order, both of which to be made payable to “BIU of PA”)

All approved Building Permits are paid for and picked up at the Code Enforcement Office of Whitehall Borough.

Electrical Permits & Questions

All Electrical Permits will be processed through the Code Enforcement Office the same as the Building Permits.  The difference is it will only undergo the review of the Building Code Official. If you have an electrical question, you can phone Mr. Harvey who may direct you to the BIU Electrical Inspector, Mark Stanton.

Contact Information:

Roxanne Dudjak, Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant: 412-884-0505 ext.324

Chris Harvey, Building Code Official:  Phone: 412-526-4278 Email:

Mark Stanton, BIU Electrical Inspector: Phone: 412-298-7577

BIU Main Office: 412-766-2565


The GIS map is a Borough-wide tool that home and business owners, realtors, and other interested parties can use to determine the zoning designation of  a particular property.