Whitehall and Baldwin Township Residents that have already purchased pool passes will be issued full refunds automatically.  Staff will begin the refund process the morning of May 18, manually entering information to ensure the appropriate amount is refunded to pool pass holders.  For residents that paid via credit card, the refund is immediately issued in the Pool Pass Sale System.  However, some banks do take a few business days to process the refund in accounts.  If you do not see a refund in 3-5 business days, please reach out directly to Hannah Bower at hbower@whitehallboro.org or 412-304-8347.  Staff can provide documentation if your bank requires it.

For those that paid via cash or check – uncashed checks will be mailed directly to the address on file in the Pool Pass System.  Individuals that paid in cash will be issued paper checks that will be mailed directly to the address on file. Please allow 1-3 business days for this process.

Please note, Staff is anticipating a high volume of calls, emails and drop ins.  We will work as expeditiously as possible to answer all questions and concerns but ask for your patience as over 800 are processed.

Amendments to the Pool Pass pricing structure will be discussed at the June 7, 2023 Council Meeting. Until further decisions are made, pool pass sales are suspended.