Rules for Use of Climbing Wall

  1. Always obey the lifeguards’ instructions. They have authority to prevent unsafe activity.
  2. Climbers must have adequate swimming skills to use the Climbing Wall. A swim test may be required at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  3. Only one person at a time on the Climbing Wall.
  4. No one shall enter the drop zone until the climber has exited the swimming pool.
  5. No diving, flips or twists off the Climbing Wall are permitted. Feet first entries only.
  6. Flotation devices are not permitted.
  7. Climbers must begin their ascent from in the water, not the pool deck.
  8. If others are waiting, climbers get one attempt to climb. Once a climber falls, they must exit the drop zone.
  9. Climbing time is limited to a maximum of 45 seconds during heavy use.
  10. No swimming is permitted in the drop zone.

Lifeguards are authorized to prohibit the use of the Climbing Wall by any person violating these rules.

Climbing Wall availability is dependent on staff as a dedicated lifeguard may be needed.