Rules for Use of Diving Board

  1. No pool patron should use the Diving Board or be in water over their heads if they are unable to swim across the deep end of the swimming pool. All persons must be capable of passing a deep-water test to go off the Diving Board.  A swim test may be required at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  2. No more than one person on the ladder and Diving Board at a time.
  3. Maximum weight per user is 250 lbs.
  4. Only one bounce is permitted on the Diving Board.
  5. Once the diver has reached the end of the Diving Board, they may not return to the starting point.
  6. Diving is not permitted until the previous diver has exited the diving area.
  7. Swimmers must leave the diving area immediately at the completion of their dives.
  8. The following are prohibited:
    1. Handstands
    2. Backflips
    3. Gainer Dives
    4. Sailor Dives
    5. Dives from a seated position
    6. Diving from the side of the Diving Board

Lifeguards are authorized to prohibit the use of the Diving Board by any person violating these rules.