Rules for Use of Water Slides

  1. Always obey the lifeguards’ instructions. They have authority to prevent unsafe activity.
  2. Riders must be a minimum of 44 inches tall.
  3. Riders must have adequate swimming skills to use the Slide. A swim test may be required at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  4. Maximum weight per rider is 250 pounds.
  5. Riders are to form a single line up the stairs. Do not cut in line, wait your turn.
  6. Wait for the lifeguard’s signal before beginning to Slide. Slide only when the splashdown area is clear.
  7. Mats, inflatable tubes, and life jackets are not permitted on the Slide.
  8. Only one rider at a time is permitted. No trains or chains of riders are allowed.
  9. Enter the Slide feet first, on your back or seated. Do not run or dive when starting off.
  10. All riders must ride feet first. No headfirst entry or traveling headfirst down the Slide.
  11. No diving, running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling, or stopping in the flume.
  12. After exiting the Slide, riders must leave the splash area immediately. Do not cut in front of the other Slide.
  13. Swimming, diving, or jumping into the splash area is prohibited.
  14. Playing or climbing on or around the slide structure is prohibited.

Lifeguards are authorized to prohibit the use of the Water Slides by any person violating these rules.

Water Slide availability is dependent on staffing as a dedicated lifeguard may be needed.