Municipal Park Information

The Borough of Whitehall boasts some of the finest recreational facilities in the area.

Six parks conveniently located throughout the Borough feature baseball fields, soccer fields, basketball courts and playground areas.

All of the park shelters have been completely renovated within the past five years. The parks are available for use by the general public, youth athletic associations as well as for Borough recreational programs.

In addition to the six parks, the Municipal Complex features two basketball courts, four tennis courts and the swimming pool and adjacent plaza.

The plaza was refurbished in 2007 and serves as the centerpiece for the Borough’s Annual Community Day Celebration.

Assistant Borough Manager: Courtney M. Wertz

Phone: 412.884.0505, Ext. 320


  1. All facilities shall be open to the public, unless a permit has been issued
  2. Any person or organization having a permit issued by the Borough shall have the right to use the facility during the times indicated on the permit
  3. The presence or use of any ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES on any Borough recreation site or public street adjacent to any recreation site is PROHIBITED.

    Any group or organization which sanctions the consumption of alcoholic beverages in violation of the above regulation may have its permit revoked for the balance of the permit period and may not be granted a permit for the following season

  4. Clean up - Any and all materials brought to the facility are to be removed
  5. The permit holder is responsible for general clean up of any debris created by the permit holder or his group
  6. Persons or groups who leave the facility in unsatisfactory condition will be refused future permits, and current permits will be canceled
  7. Baseball fields are NOT to be used in inclement weather. The permit holder must call the Recreation Director at 412.884.0505, extension 320, after 4:00 p.m. on any day in question
  8. Any damage to the facility, buildings, or other improvements on the site must be reported to the Borough promptly
  9. Since Borough activities and/or work assignments have priority on all facilities, all permits are subject to suspension or cancellation by the Borough should conflicts arise
  10. Should demand for facilities exceed the use limitations, the Borough reserves the right to require resident identification from all persons using the facilities

  11. Permits may be revoked at any time for infractions of these Rules and Regulations
  12. Water will be turned on May 1 and turned off November 1
  13. Tennis Courts Lights will be turned on May 1 and turned off October 1
    • May 1 to June 30: Lights Turn Off at: 10:00PM
    • July 1 to August 31: Lights Turn Off at 11:00 PM
    • September 1 to September 30: Lights Turn Off at 10:00 PM
  14. The Permit Holder is subject to a $25.00 Charge for any misplaced padlocks

  15. Keys for the Park bathrooms can be picked up at the Borough Administration Offices on the last working day before event and returned the next working day after event

    Keys are subject to a $25 Deposit that is Refundable Upon Return of the Keys. Keys must be returned between the hours of 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM to the Borough Administration Offices THE DAY AFTER YOUR EVENT

    Other booked parties await those keys.

    Not returning park bathroom keys the following day will be considered in future permits given.

A. SEASONAL PERMITS: Two (2) months or longer use

  1. Applications must be submitted no later than March 1st.
  2. Applications must be complete and accompanied by a schedule of games or activities that will be conducted.
  3. Activities sponsored by the Borough of Whitehall shall receive first preference.
  4. Recognized organizations located within the Borough of Whitehall shall receive second preference.
  5. Permits on Sundays, between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and dusk, shall be reserved for resident families and/or neighborhood activities. (Exception: Frank Field (Orchard Heights Park) - No Sunday a.m. permits will be issued.)
  6. Permits must be requested by and issued in the name of Whitehall Borough resident as the "Responsible Person."
  7. Should the facility requested require a fee, the fee must accompany the application.

B. DAILY PERMITS: One (1) or more non-consecutive days.

  1. Applications may be submitted at any time for family or neighborhood group use.
  2. Applications must be complete and must be accompanied by the fee, if required.
  3. Permits must be requested by a Whitehall resident.
  4. Permits are subject to availability.


  1. All permits issued are subject to the "Rules and Regulations" of the Borough governing their use.

Download the Parks Permit Form

Note: Your Email Address on the Form, is so we can Email you your Park Permit


Mail, Fax, or Deliver to:

Borough of Whitehall Complex
c/o Park Permits
100 Borough Park Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15236


Assistant Borough Manager: Courtney M. Wertz

Phone: 412.884.0505, Ext. 320

Fax: 412.884.1160



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Brownsville Rd. to Provost Rd.

Follow Provost Rd.

Right on Frank St.

Park is on left past Schneider's Dairy

Left on Reece Dr.

Park is on the Left


Route 51 (Clairton Boulevard) to Greenlee Rd.

Left on Frank St.

Park is on left past Schneider's Dairy

Left on Reece Dr.

Park is on the Left

Route 51 (Clairton Boulevard) to Stilley Rd.

Left on Girard Rd.

Park entrance is at end of Girard Rd. at ACLD School
(Allegheny County Learning Disability)


East Willock Rd. to Prospect Rd.

Left on Giese Dr.

Left on Girard Rd.

Grove Rd. to Spring Valley Dr.

Left on Fieldcrest Dr.

Park driveway is on right after 4th house on Fieldcrest Dr.

Parking is limited to on street parking.

Vehicles cannot be taken up driveway to park area.

At five-way intersection of East Willock Rd., Prospect Rd. and Radford Rd. turn onto Radford Rd.

Straight ahead to Parkline Dr.

Right on Maple Dr.

Park driveway is on left past Skyline Dr.

Brownsville Rd. to Snyder Drive

Right on Parkvue

Left on Southvue

Park is on right


Route 51 to Borough Park Drive
past Borough Swimming Pool

Right on Southvue Dr.

Park is on left

Brownsville Rd. to Baptist Rd.

Park driveway is on left at Manor Building

The Code of the Borough has been amended to prohibit dogs, cats or other pets to run at large or on a leash on any public lands within the Borough, when the public land is posted with a sign that states No Pets Allowed or similar language.

The Borough has received complaints concerning this issue. The parks and other Borough property are used heavily by both children and adults. The deposit left by pets running free and by inconsiderate pet owners is considered to be a health hazard by those using the public lands.

Please Read all the Rules, Regulations and Procedures governing the use of the borough facilities listed above.

Water for Park Shelters: will be turned on May 1st and turned off November 1st

Tennis Court Lights: will be turned on May 1st and turned off October 1st