After being notified that residents have been receiving conflicting information from Waste Management customer service representatives, Borough Staff obtained official notification from Waste Management about a change in internal policy regarding second trash toters.

Residents who purchase a second toter from Waste Management or who already have a Borough issued second toter prior to January 1, 2024 will be grandfathered in under the new contract. A 2nd 96-gallon trash toter can be purchased directly from Waste Management for a one-time charge of $85 plus a $10 delivery fee until the end of the year.

Beginning January 1, 2024, Residents that would like to order a 2nd 96-gallon trash toter will need to pay an annual fee of $110.00 in 2024 for collection of that toter. The annually adjusted fee for collection of a 2nd trash toter will increase each subsequent year of the contract as follows:

2024 – $110.00

2025 – $117.70

2026 – $125.94

2027 – $134.76

2028 – $144.19

Residents with more than 2 trash toters prior to the start of the new contract will NOT be grandfathered in. Those residents will need to pay the annually adjusted fee for the collection of 3 or more trash toters.

Residents should call Waste Management directly at 1-866-258-1708 to make arrangements for additional trash toters.