Selling A Home

What is Required from the Seller?

Below are the items you will need begin selling a home.

  • Verification of Evidence of Compliance
  • Lien Letter

Selling a Home FAQ

What Application Forms are Required?

What is the Purpose of a Dye Test?

A dye test verifies downspouts and rainleaders on your home are not connected to the sanitary sewer system.

How Long is the Evidence of Compliance Valid?

The Evidence of Compliance is valid for five years.  If a valid Evidence of Compliance is on file, a dye test is not required.

What is the Permit Fee?

The fee for the Evidence of Compliance is $25.00, payable to the Borough of Whitehall.  Lien letters are $25.00, and are handled by Jordan Tax Service.

How Long is the Process?

The seller should submit the forms at least 10 business days (two weeks) prior to the closing date.