Using A Bulk Container

What is Required to Obtain a Bulk Container?

Below are the items you will need to use a bulk container.

  • Registration with the Borough is required
  • A Bulk Container Registration Form must be submitted prior to the placement of any Bulk Container to identify the purpose, location and duration
  • If the Bulk Container is needed for more than thirty (30) days, a Bulk Container Permit will be required

Obtaining a Bulk Container FAQ

What is Permitted?

A Bulk Container: 

  • shall be used only in connection with maintenance, construction and/or moving/relocation activities taking place on the property upon which the Bulk Container is placed.
  • designed to assist with moving and/or storage of household or commercial goods and materials, including but not limited to portable on-demand storage devices (“PODS”) and similar containers.
  • designed for the collection of large amounts of garbage and/or refuse, including but not limited to dumpsters and bagsters.
  • designed for the collection of yard waste and debris.

What are the Requirements?

  • A Bulk Container shall not:
    • be placed upon any Street or Public Property;
    • be located less than six (6′) foot from the Street;
    • obstruct visibility or access at a Street;
    • obstruct access at a Public sidewalk or right-of-way;
    • display any advertising;
    • have any electrical wiring, lighting or heating elements
  • A Bulk Container shall:
    • insure that the area in and around the Bulk Container remains free of all litter and debris
    • insure that the Bulk Container remains neat and clean and is at all times secure and safe
  • The maximum duration of a Bulk Container permit shall be 60 days.
  • Any person seeking to use a Bulk Container for a period greater than 60 days shall re-apply for a new permit upon expiration of the original permit; the request shall be granted only where the applicant can show that such additional time is necessary to complete a maintenance or construction activity for which the original Bulk Container permit was issued.
  • A Bulk Container shall not be permitted on a property in excess of one hundred fifty (150) days within any twelve (12) month period unless a building permit has been issued for the property and the Bulk Container use is incidental to and necessary for the building project.

What is the Permit Fee?

No permit fee is required.

How Long will it Take to Get the Permit?

The Borough strives to issue the permit in five working days.

Final Steps or Inspections?

There is no inspection required.