PART I: Administrative legislation

Chapter Page
1 General Provisions 101
Article I – Adoption of Code
5 Administration 501
9 Building Commission 901
14 Civil Defense/Emergency Management 1401
21 Educational Services Agency 2101
24 Employee Benefits 2401
Article I – Social Security
Article II – Deferred Compensation
30 Health Services, County 3001
33 Insurance Commission 3301
35 Investment Trust 3501
42 Library Directors, Board of 4201
49 Personnel System 4901
51 Planning Commission 5101
54 Police Department 5401
59 Recreation Board 5901
62 Salaries and Compensation 6201

Part II: General Legislation

Chapter Page
68 Amusements 6801
Article I – Mechanical Amusement Devices
Article II – Other Amusement Devices
Article III – Pool, Billiards and Snooker Tables
71 Animals 7101
Article I – Running at Large
Article II – Domestic Animals
Article III – Trapping
75 Property Maintenance 7501
Article I – Property Maintenance Code
Article II – Means of Appeal
77 Floodplains 7701
78 Building Construction 7801
Article I – Building Code
Article II – Workers Compensation Insurance
83 Curfew 8301
88 Electrical Standards 8801
92 Explosives 9201
96 Firearms 9601
97 Fireworks
98 Fire Lanes 9801
100 Fire Prevention 10001
Article I – National Fire Codes
Article II – Fire-Fighting Operations
101 Open Fires 10101
104 Garbage, Rubbish and Refuse 10401
Article I – Solid Waste
Article II – (Reserved)
Article III – Scavenging
Article IV – Bulk Containers
107 Grading 10701
109 Insurance 10901
Article I – Fire Insurance Claims
111 Litter and Handbills 11101
Article I – General Provisions
Article II
Article III
Article IV
Article V – Severability
113 Loitering 11301
Article I – Loitering
Article II – Possession Use of Tobacco Products
119 Noise 11901
124 Occupancy Registration 12401
125 Commercial Occupancy Registration & Permit 12501
128 Park and Recreation, Municipal 12801
131 Peddling and Soliciting 13101
134 Pest Control 13401
137 Plumbing Standards 13701
140 Pornography and Sex Businesses 14001
143 Recycling 14301
147 Sewers 14701
Article I – Discharge of Wastes
Article II – Disturbance of Sewer Lines
Article III – Sewer Rates and Charges in Lick Run Watershed
Article IV – Sewer Service Charges
Article V – Evidence of Compliance of
Sale of Real Property
150 Signs 15001
152 Erosion and Sediment Control 15201
Article I – General Provisions
Article II – Plan Regulations
Article III – Administrative Procedures
153 Stormwater Management 15301
Article I – General Provisions
Article II – Stromwater Plan Requirements
Article III – Stormwater Plan Contents: Submitted Preliminary With
Subdivision and Land
Development Plan
Article IV – Stormwater Plan Contents:
Submitted with Final Subdivision
and Land Development Plan
Article V – Stormwater Plan Review Procedures
Article VI – Stormwater Management
Performance Standards
Article VII – Maintenance of Facilities
 and Systems
Article VIII – Inspection of Controls
Article IX – Disclaimer of Liability
Article X – Enforcement and Administration
154 Streets and Sidewalks 15401
Article I – Debris on Streets
Article II – Protection of Manholes
Article III – Sidewalk Construction
Article IV – Street Openings
Article V – Numbering of Buildings
157 Subdivision of Land 15701
Article I – General Provisions
Article II – Procedures of Approval and
Article III – Design Standards
article IV – Fees
Article V – Permits: Acceptance of
Article VI – Special Exceptions:
Reservation of Land
Article VII – Appeals
Article VIII – Penalties
160 Swimming Pools 16001
163 Taxation 16301
166 Trees 16601
169 Utility Contact Regulations 16901
171 Vehicles and Traffic – Index 17101
Article Chapter 171 – Part 1 – Traffic and Parking
I General Provisions
II Traffic Regulations
III Parking Regulations
IV Obstruction of Thoroughfares and Fire Lanes
V Continuance of Legislation; Penalties
VI Schedules – Index
I Speed Limits
II Traffic Signals
III One-Way Highways
IV U-Turns
V Left and Right Turns
VI Right Turns at Traffic Signals
VII Keeping to Right of Certain Structures and Barriers
VIII Stop Intersections
IX Yield Intersections
X Classes of Vehicles Prohibited on Certain Highways
XI Vehicle Weight Limits
XII Play Highways
XIII No-Passing Zones
XIV Angle Parking
XV No-Stopping Areas
XVI No-Parking Areas
XVII Restricted Parking
XVIII Special Purpose Parking Zones
XIX Locations Where Obstructions of Traffic is Prohibited
Article Chapter 171 – Part 2 – Snow Parking
VII Parking During Snow Removal
Chapter 171 – Part 3 – Impounding
VIII Impounding of Illegally Parked Vehicles
173 Recreational Motorized Vehicles 17301
180 Zoning – Index 18001
I General Provisions
II Definitions and Word Usage
III Districts
IV Residence District R-1
V Residence District R1-S
VI Residence District R-2
VII Residence District R2-AS
VIII Residence District R2-BS
IX Residence District R2-S
X Residence District R-3
XI Residence District R-4
XII Residence District R-5
XIII Residence District R5-S
XIV Residence District R-6
XV Residence District R-7
XVI Planned Residential Development
XVII Civic District C-1
XVIII Commercial District C-2
XIX Commercial District C2-S
XX Commercial District C-3
XXI Commercial District C3-S
XXII Commercial District C-4
XXIII Commercial District C4-S
XXIV Signs
XXV Accessory Structures and Accessory Uses
XXVI Air-Conditioning Installations
XXVII Express Standards and Criteria for Conditional Uses and Special Exceptions
XXVIII General Use Regulations
XXIX Height and Area Regulations
XXX Parking
XXXI Nonconforming Uses and Structures
XXXII Zoning Hearing Board
XXXIII Administration
XXXIV Amendments
XXXV Airport Zoning Districts; Regulations
XXXVI Utility District U-1
XXXVII Wireless Communications
XXXVIII Common Facility and Open Space Requirements and Controls in Planned Residential and Multi-Family Developments
XXXIX Adult Businesses
XL Special Provisions for Oil and Gas Drilling
XLI Solar Energy
XLII Streetscape Enhancement Overlay (SEO) District
XLIII Essential Services
Chapter Appendix Page
A183 Cable Television A18301
Article I – Authorization
Article II – Agreement
A184 Lighting A18401
A185 Disposition of Ordinances A18501

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