Whitehall Borough bid the Swimming Pool Improvement Project in January 2022 and awarded four separate prime contracts to the lowest responsible bidders as required by law. After the project was underway, the General Contractor gave notice in May 2022 that they intended to cease operations in 2023 after fulfilling their current contracts. The General Contractor’s Surety Company was onboarded to ensure the completion of the General Contractor’s obligations under the contract. A representative of the Surety Company has been monitoring the project since July 2022 and they have had a dedicated person on site since November 2022.
The completion date for the Project was April 1, 2023. The latest schedule provided by the General Contractor and their Surety Company anticipates a completion date of June 1. While the goal is to open the pool on May 27, 2023 (Memorial Day Weekend) Residents should know that the date for opening day could be extended.
The project has passed all building inspections and applicable operating codes to date.
Borough Staff has been making all necessary preparations for opening.